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So we can express the goal as a description of the improved situation. How would you like to change your world? Start with the long-term view: what do you really want to achieve in your lifetime? Many people find this difficult: after all, it could be a long time, with many possibilities and opportunities.

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So put it another way: what would you really regret not having done or achieved in your lifetime? Whatever goals you can think of in each area, write them down — or put them straight into Goalscape!


Test each of your goals against this list by asking pertinent questions. Once you have collected all the goals you can think of, review them: narrow down your list and start to set priorities for those that remain. Consider what you have already achieved and how you did it; and where you have failed and why. What does this tell you about your strengths?

Where might you need to develop and learn new skills?

Zig Ziglar on Goal Setting

Answering these questions will provide clues as to which goals are within your reach. Play to your strengths in terms of your talents and skills; yet look for ways to extend yourself beyond your comfort zone. Make sure you choose your own goals: those that are in line with your own personal values, rather than merely reflecting the expectations or wishes of others parents, teachers or peer group.

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Do however share your goals with those close to you, especially where they are involved in a particular area — eg your partner, your boss and colleagues for work goals , team members and coach for sports goals — and take their wishes and opinions into account. Keep breaking down your big goals into smaller subgoals. At the top of the worksheet, write your most important long-term goal for university as determined in Exercise 2.

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Visualising your long-term goal can help when things get difficult. For example, your long-term goal may be to get your degree or to graduate. Visualising has benefits with short-term goals as well. For example, your short-term goal might be to create a mind map of a chapter from your textbook. Before you commence the task, take time to visualise yourself having achieved it. You then take the good feeling into the start of the session and will perform better as a result.

Many sports people use this technique. Academic Skills Self-paced Tutorials. Exercise 1: Why might I set goals? Complete this checklist.

One Minute Essay Topic: “Should People Set Goals?”

Click the box next to the statements that apply to you. By setting goals I can: decide what I want for my future Yes. Deciding what is important to you in the future is a key stage in goal setting. Knowing where you should be with your goals at any given time helps to keep you on track.

Having goals helps you to get where you want to go faster and with a greater sense of satisfaction and control than otherwise. Exercise 2: Goal setting Long-term goals These are goals that embrace a vision of your future.


How to Write a Career Goals Essay in 5 Easy Steps

How will I use my minute study sessions? You have little control over how other people feel—set goals over which YOU have control.

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Exercise 3: What if …? What if I set unrealistic goals?