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Take inventory of your unique experience, major influences, and abilities. Write an experimental creative essay in which you are the main character. Assemble your applications and determine how many essays you must write. Get feedback from others before completing your final draft.

Top tips for writing a personal statement

Peterson's, Keep it real "Authenticity is what matters in personal statements , in my experience. Strong writing and scrupulous proofreading are essential, but most of all, the topic and the expression must bring alive in the minds and hearts of the readers some aspect of the real teenager writing the statement. Your best writing will emerge when you slow down to notice and record not just what happened, but also the small sensory details that make up the important and challenging events of your life.

The New York Times , September 11, Make it relevant "'With so many students getting similar grades, personal statements are often all that universities have to go on,' says Darren Barker of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service Ucas. But even extra-curricular things on your CV can be worth including. This is about you--who you are, where you have come from and where you want to go. Bluff, spin a line, pretend you are something you are not and you will be found out. You could discuss the courses, people, events or experiences that have influenced you and why. Discuss your extracurricular activities and why you participated.

Tell about your educational experiences and summer internships.

5 Tips for Writing Your Personal Statement

When doing so, write chronologically. Be philosophical and idealistic, but be realistic. Express your concern for others and share your unique experience that had a profound effect on your career choice. Express all of these things, but show your sense of value, partnership, independence and determination. Parthenon, Focus "Statements may be weak for several reasons. The most foolish thing you can do probably is not to proofread what you write. Who wants to hire someone who turns in a statement with spelling , grammatical , or capitalization errors?

An unfocused statement is also not likely to help you.

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These helped my application as they gave me problem-solving skills as well as good discipline and initiative. Karolina : Extracurricular activities are character building. Being captain of the hockey team is relevant to any personal statement; it paints a picture of you as a determined, hard working team player — any university would want that type of person! If your course is vocational for example Teaching, Medicine, Social Work , you will be expected to show that you have gained sufficient work experience or career knowledge through, for example, work shadowing, observations, taster days or networking with professionals.

If not vocational, you may be able to demonstrate career ambitions that you are working towards.

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Karolina : Show that you are thinking about life after university by writing about the what kind of career you are interested in and how your degree and going to university will help you enter this career. Show that you have an understanding of the subject and a genuine interest in it.

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Understand what the course involves, elaborate on any specific interests you have to show your enthusiasm, demonstrate why the topic is important and if a piece of work or a particular text inspired you — mention it. Your school will likely set deadlines for writing your personal statement.

There may be a deadline for a plan, a first draft, additional drafts and the date by which a final version must be submitted. Ensure you meet the deadlines and give your teachers sufficient time to feedback and help you produce a statement to be proud of.

Also, universities will make offers before the UCAS deadline so the earlier you complete your personal statement the better. Sophie : Personal statements are important so take your time over it. Draft and re-draft as much as need to until you are completely happy with what you have produced.

Follow these tips to help you write a stand-out personal statement and get a place on the course you want.


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We provide information for all of the key parts of university research — including accommodation, fees and sport — to help students make the right choice. Top tips for writing the perfect personal statement This article was written in conjunction with the University of Derby.

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