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Check your email, discount code is already there. Academic Level. Estimated Date:. Estimated Price:. Order now. Online Custom Essay Writing Service. Only, as I say, this happened. I was 16 when, one June, my family moved to a lofty Victorian villa in the Midlands: ivy-strewn, hidden behind trees, high-ceilinged and replete with corridors.

This sudden gift of space was not before time. Ours, in fact, was the perfect situation for a horror story: three girls of 16, 15 and nine, a boy of 11 and one of barely four. To be sure, our new house had a degree of notoriety.

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There was even what appeared to be the requisite bloodstain that could not be removed, since covered with carpet. The more credulous would not step inside it.

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We were not so naive. And yet, there was something unsettling about our new home, a personality, a sense that we were installing ourselves in a place already occupied. It never felt quite empty. Doors would shut of their own volition, footsteps would sound. It felt as if we were being watched, assessed. Very soon, this phoney-war period became the subject of nostalgia.

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For, when the house kicked off, it kicked off in epic style. Once — comically, but in ghastly, unequivocal fashion — it even seemed to relieve its excess energy with a few strokes on her rowing machine. Ghost stories: Sailor tells the tale of a ship with a shadow. Ghost stories: The Wolf Man. Ghost Stories: Sleeping in England's most haunted bedroom. Halloween scary cake pops recipe. Halloween: Britain's most haunted stately homes. This may sound like nothing, but I cannot tell you the uncanny monotony of its nightly repetitions.

We refused to recognise it, of course, being sane, a family of atheists and, above all, British. In fact, we strove not to use any word at all — not to acknowledge our summer haunting, certainly not to discuss it. And so the house tried harder, with what, I imagine, would be referred to as classic poltergeist activity. We would return home to find the taps turned on full-force, requiring wrenching back into inaction. After the second time it happened, we had it disconnected.

It happened again.

And, believe me, as I write this, I too think it is mad. Matters became worse. One night, the boarded-over fireplace in my room ripped open with a clamour.

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I wrenched my pillow over my ears, telling myself it must be a trapped bird. In the daylight, I investigated. My mother started behaving oddly — pensive, distracted. We eldest and Nanny Williams, our beloved summer-holiday addition, interrogated her.

Finally, she cracked. Waking in the night, she had seen a dead child. This is how she described it — not a ghost, but a dead child dressed in Victorian clothing, visible from the knees up. It had a certain logic: a child appearing to a mother.