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Bottom line : This smart, intuitive system supports students in every step of the writing process.

Stellar program scaffolds the writing process with peer review and feedback. Bottom line : Research-based pedagogy and a highly scaffolded process make this tool highly desirable for teaching writing and peer review. Well-structured lessons encourage deep analysis, thoughtful writing. Bottom line : This is a ready-to-go, research-backed resource that focuses intently on CCSS-aligned and AP-level critical reading and writing skills.

Read what our many happy parents and STUDENTS are saying...

Bottom line : A visually appealing, pedagogically sound exploration of what makes a valid argument. Students get persuasive skills with delightful civics-based essay tool. Bottom line : It's a fantastically detailed tool that helps kids through every step of persuasive essay writing. Bottom line : A flexible tool that -- with teacher guidance -- students can use for both quick fixes and more in-depth writing improvement. Bottom line : If your classroom relies a lot on Google Docs, this might just be the feedback tool you're looking for. Social storytelling site helps kids create, publish storybooks.

Bottom line : A great fit for teachers looking to develop students' writing and digital citizenship skills through storybook creation. Collaborative writing platform has the potential to motivate. Bottom line : There's creativity possibility in this tool's unique brand of collaborative and competitive writing, but teachers should take care to keep things positive, especially for less confident students.

Customizable classroom blogs get students writing and collaborating. Bottom line : This rich and safe blogging tool makes it easy for teachers and students to extend the classroom into a wider community. Bottom line : Helpfully walks students through each step of website creation, and teachers can control access and monitor progress. Read, write, and vote on engaging collaborative storytelling site.

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Bottom line : A cool, competitive approach to online storytelling with a lot of learning potential -- just be aware of the iffy content and licensing risks. Bottom line : Supported student writing, collaboration, and communication make this a healthy space for kids to express themselves. Get kids writing, publishing, critiquing in this valuable network. Bottom line : Teens will find a wealth of information and many opportunities to further interest in writing and the creative arts. Global community helps young writers write, revise, think, and grow.

Bottom line : With interest-based writing prompts and thoughtful feedback from peers and pros, this is a great tool for writing for authentic audiences. Play or design text adventures, but creation can get technical. Bottom line : Text adventures can be a blast to play and make, but the Quest game-making tool, while offering some decent support, can be tough to use effectively without coding experience. Bottom line : A language arts teacher's dream; lesson plans, professional development, and all-around quality support.

Useful text-to-speech app and extension unlocks the written word. Bottom line : A valuable tool to make classroom use of websites and digital documents more accessible to all students. Engaging prompts, flexible collaboration options empower young writers. Bottom line : A solid choice for helping students grow as writers and editors. Encourage original work and give feedback with this valuable tool. Bottom line : Beyond the convenience factor, it's almost a necessity for the teaching of writing in today's digital world.

Compelling sci-fi world imagined -- and written -- by its players. Bottom line : With some teacher guidance, Elegy offers an opportunity unlike anything else to get students to write stories and stretch their creative muscles.

Find out the price of your Essay:

Fewer clicks and less clutter equal a new go-to site for citing sources. Bottom line : An intuitive site that takes the stress out of citing sources, but students will still need instruction to tweak auto-generated citations. Great news and classroom resources support both teachers and students. Bottom line : With some organizational adjustments, the site could be an exceptional place for both kids and teachers to find educational inspiration.


Accept cookies. Continue reading. Top Picks. Print Save as PDF. Writing Platforms and Creation Tools Pages Writing and publishing tool is an increasingly satisfying option. Grades: 3—12 Price: Free. Get it now. Grades: 4—12 Price: Free. Visit website See full review. Evernote Organize digital content with full-featured web clipper and notebook.

Yearly pricing is also available. Plus plans give users up to 1GB of uploads per month and Premium plans add even more features. NoodleTools Expansive research tool uniquely melds learning and productivity. Grades: 6—12 Price: Free to try day free trial.

Contact for school and district plans with full feature set. Notability Flexible note-taking tool empowers learners of all abilities. Writing Instruction for the Classroom Quill Let students do the writing to make grammar lessons more meaningful.


Essay Writing Tips and Resources for Junior & High School Students

Grades: 1—9 Price: Free. Grades: 1—12 Price: Free Teachers can choose to make a donation. Citelighter Substantial all-in-one tool scaffolds the research and writing process. It's available with different monthly and yearly pricing options. This is a great tool for all who need to check on the number of words or characters in their content.

Word counter also offers spellcheck and a number of keyword tools. This feature allows you to look up your keyword density per example, in case you need a specific number of keywords in your text.

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Language tool is an online writing tool that offers spell check, syntax errors and word count for over 20 different languages. The name of this pretty original online writing tool is in a large measure self-explanatory. This helps you write original content that will keep the attention of your readers. This is an online tool that helps you stay focused on your writing.

This is a simple add-on for your browser that prevents you from wasting time on various websites and stay focused on writing. Another excellent tool that helps you spell check your content, improve grammar and style. Paper Rater is a percent online tool and requires no download. Plagiarism will never be a problem for you with this tool, because Paper rater checks your text for plagiarism, also.

Students often need to make citations while writing school papers so they need to find sources for their citations.