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Term of off ice and conditions of service of Members of the Board : 1 The term for which the Board may be reconstituted under section 5A shall be three years from the date of the reconstitution and the Chairman and other Members of the Board as so reconstituted shall hold office till the expiry of the term for which the Board has been so reconstituted.

Secretary and other employees of the Board : 1 The Central Government shall appoint 10xxxxx the Secretary of the Board. Funds of the Board : The funds of the Board shall consist of grants made to it from time to Board time by the Government and of contributions, subscriptions, bequests, gifts and the like made to it by any local authority or by any other person.

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Functions of the Board : The functions of the Board shall be Board. Power of Board to make regulations : The Board may, subject to the previous approval of the Central Government, make such regulations as it may think fit for the administration of its affairs and for carrying out its functions.

IN - Cruelty - THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT, | Animal Legal & Historical Center

Provided that where an owner is convicted permitting cruelty by reason only of having failed to exercise such care and supervision, he shall not be liable to imprisonment without the option of a fine. Provided that unless the owner assents thereto, no order shall be made under this section except upon the evidence of a veterinary officer in charge of the area.

Experiments on animals : Nothing contained in this Act shall render unlawful the performance of experiments including experiments involving operations on animals for the purpose of advancement by new discovery of physiological knowledge or of knowledge which will be useful for saving or for prolonging life or alleviating suffering or for combating any disease, whether of human beings, animals or plants.

Sub-Committee : 1 The Committee may constitute as many sub-committees as it thinks fit for exercising any power or discharging any duty of the Committee or for inquiring into or reporting and advising on any matter which the Committee may refer. Staff of the Committee : Subject to the control of the Central Government, the Committee may committee appoint such number of officers and other employees as may be necessary to enable it to exercise ills powers and perform its duties and may determine the remuneration and other terms and conditions of service of such officers and other employees.

Power of entry and inspection : For the purpose of ensuring that the rules made by it are being complied and with the Committee may authorise any of its officers or any other person in writing to inspect any institution or place where experiments are being carried on and report to it as a result of such inspection, and any officer or person so authorised may-. Power to prohibit experiments on animals : If the Committee is satisfied, on the report of any officer or other person made to it as a result of any inspection under section 18 or otherwise that the rules made by it under section 17 are not being animals the Committee may, after giving an opportunity to the person or institution carrying on experiments on animals; the Committee may, after giving an opportunity to the person or institution of being heard in the matter, by order, prohibit the person or institution from carrying on any such experiments either for a specified period or indefinitely, or may allow the person or institution to carry on such experiments subject to such special conditions as the Committee may think fit to impose.

Power of court to prohibit or restrict exhibition and training of performing animals : 1 Where it is proved to the satisfaction of any magistrate on a complaint made by a police officer or an officer authorised in writing by the prescribed authority referred to in section 23, that the training or exhibition of any performing animals has been accompanied by unnecessary pain or suffering and should be prohibited or allowed only subject to conditions, the court may make an order against the person in respect of whom the complaint is made, prohibiting the training or exhibition or imposing such conditions in relation thereto, as may be specified by the order.

He shall be punishable on conviction with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees or with imprisonment which may extend to three months, or with both.

Exemptions : Nothing contained in this Chapter shall apply to -. Saving as respects manner of killing prescribed by religion : Nothing contained in this Act shall render it an offence to kill any animal in a manner required by the religion of any community. Presumptions as to guilt in certain cases : If any person is charged with the offences of killing a goat, cow or its to guilt in progeny contrary to the provisions of clause 1 of sub section 1 or section 11, and it is proved that such person had in his possession, at the time the offence is alleged to have been committed, the skin of any such animal as is referred to in this section with any the skin of any such animal as is referred to in this section with any part of the skin of the head attached thereto, it shall be presumed until the contrary is proved that such animal was killed in a cruel manner.

Cognizability of offences : Notwithstanding anything contained in the Code or Criminal procedure, , 5 of an offence punishable under clause 1 or clause n or clause, o of sub-section 1 of section 11 or under section 12 shall be a cognizable offence within the meaning of that code.

Search warrants : 1 If a magistrate of the first or second class or a presidency magistrate or a commissioner of police or district superintendent of police, upon information in writing; and after such inquiry as he thinks necessary, has reason to believe that an offence under this Act is being, or is about to be, or has been committed in any place, he may either himself enter and search or by his warrant authorise any police officer not below the rank of sub-inspector to enter and search the place.

General Power of seizure for examination : Any police officer above the rank of a constable or any person authorised seizure for by the State Government in this behalf, who has reason to believe that examination an offence against this Act has been or is being, committed in respect of any animal, may, if in his opinion the circumstances so require, seize the animal and produce the same for examination by the nearest magistrate or by such veterinary officer as may be prescribed; and such police officer or authorised person may, when seizing the animal, require the person in charge thereof to accompany it to the place of examination.

Limitation of prosecutions : A prosecution for an offence against this Act shall not be instituted after prosecutions the expiration of three months from the date of the commission of the offence. Delegation of powers : The Central Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, direct that all or any of the powers exercisable by it under this Act, may, subject to such conditions as it may think fit to impose, be also exercisable by any State Government.

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Rules and regulations to be laid before Parliament : Every rule made by the Central Government or by the Committee constituted under section 15 and every regulation made. Persons authorised under section 34 to be public servants : Every person authorised by the State Government under section 34 shall be deemed to be a public servant within the meaning of section 21 of the Indian Penal code.

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Indemnity : No suit, prosecution or other legal proceeding shall lie against any person who is, or who is deemed to be a public servant within the meaning of section 21 of the Indian Penal Code in respect of anything in good faith done or intended to be done under this Act. Repeal of Act 11 of : Where in pursuance of a notification under subsection 3 of section 1 of any provision of this Act comes into force in any State, any provision of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, , which corresponds to the provision so coming into force, shall thereupon stand repealed. You suddenly become an author in the last 10 mins before essay is due Sebelum tu hampeh satu perkataan x nak hinggap tolong aku buat essay rubrum urteil beispiel essay?

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