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  1. At 66, her Ph.D. on Jewish music in Poland is dream come true
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For a truly alternative learning experience, Marlboro College is an intentionally small, non-profit, academically rigorous liberal arts school located in Marlboro, Vermont. Classes are comprised, on average, of eight students. While most of the schools on our list are traditional institutions offering an individualized major, all of Marlboro is designed for individualized study. The curriculum has two parts: the clear writing requirement and the plan of concentration. New students at Marlboro must take one or more writing classes and present a portfolio at the end of their first year before moving forward in their studies.

At 66, her Ph.D. on Jewish music in Poland is dream come true

Third- and fourth-year students must come up with their individualized Plan of Concentration, a plan that involves a combination of disciplines, projects, and courses. Located in Olympia, Washington, Evergreen State College is an experimental public liberal arts college where all students enroll in the interdisciplinary program and choose areas of emphasis. There are over sixty emphases to choose from, covering everything from biology and art history to somatic studies and sustainability.

News and World Report, but Evergreen is extremely affordable at nearly a quarter the price of other institutions. Known for its Triad—a curriculum that combines academics, on-campus work, and community service—Warren Wilson is a liberal arts college located in Asheville, North Carolina. Their Integrative Studies major is for students wishing to combine two or more disciplines under the bachelor of arts program.

Student Profile: Daniel Joshua Ganz

There are over thirty-four disciplines that can be combined, from geospatial technology to pre-Peace Corps service. A member of the Association of American Universities, the University of Maryland is a public research institute with an enrollment of nearly 40, students. They offer a Bachelors in Individual Studies degree. Students design their program, combining disciplines, and work closely with a faculty member.

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Like many of the other programs on this list, students create a major that combines a course load, independent research, and study abroad opportunities. Many of the created majors that have been successfully proposed at the University of Maryland merge policy with leadership, global development with international relations, media with art, and more.

Experience Based Learning

With an acceptance rate of only twenty-six percent, the University of Michigan is a highly competitive public research university located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Like many of the other programs on this list, the University of Michigan also requires that students work closely with a faculty member to design a detailed curriculum and a statement of purpose, and then propose it before the Committee for Interdisciplinary Studies. Since they are such a small school—they have an enrollment of less than two thousand students—they have only thirty majors to choose from, but they provide the option to design your own.

Unlike other programs on this list that offer the individualized degree so students can combine disciplines, Hanover provides the design-your-own major so students can study in traditional fields that just are not offered. Swarthmore College is a private liberal arts school located just outside Philadelphia in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. They allow students to either design their own major or to build upon programs already in place, such as astrophysics, biochemistry, linguistics, and more. Before graduation, students who have designed their own major must complete a comprehensive requirement, which is either a thesis, comprehensive exam, or a project that has been approved by a faculty advisor.

Swarthmore is a renowned school known for its rigorous academics; students have won Rhodes scholarships, Fulbright scholarships, National Endowments, and more. Ranked ninth by the U. Requirements include designing and completing a major proposal, with quarter-by-quarter plans, with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

Oberlin College is a private liberal arts school located in Oberlin, Ohio. Their College of Arts and Sciences offers an Individual Major for those eager to spread their academic focus across disciplines. Like many other schools on our list, Oberlin requires students to go before a committee and stresses the mentorship between advisor and advisee. Oberlin is world-renowned for being the first American institution of higher learning to regularly admit women and African Americans.

Olaf College is a private, four-year liberal arts college located in Northfield, Minnesota.

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Unlike the other schools on our list, St. Also unique to St. Olaf has created a web community where Individual Major students can connect and share their portfolios, projects, experiences, and more. The University of Minnesota is a public research university located in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. They provide two opportunities for students to create their own majors: the bachelor of individualized studies BIS or an individually designed interdepartmental major IDIM.

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Moreover, growth-mediated antisite defects are found to be responsible in determining the energy competition between the low-symmetry antiferroelectric and the high-symmetry ferroelectric phases in PbZrO3 thin films, and the metastable ferroelectric phase can be stabilized. In addition, detailed relationships between ionic charge transport and lattice structure is explored in LSGM, and in turn, an optimal design of perovskite structure for high ionic conduction is successfully demonstrated through epitaxial strain and interfacial engineering.

Interdisciplinary studies berkeley thesis

And lastly, surface engineering via growth-orientation control is explored in LSCF to establish the correlation between surface structure and electrochemical activities. In this thesis, I present the design, implementation, and characterization of a novel, rotationally symmetric ion trap. Our compact design creates a toroidal trapping potential for charged atoms that has a radius that is much smaller than the height at which the ions are positioned above the surface of the trap. By releasing the quadrupole potential, we demonstrate the ability to create superpositions of rotational states using the modulation of the laser light produced by the classical rotation of the crystal in a symmetric potential.

Superpositions of rotational states differing by up to four quanta are observed. With these rotational superpositions, we describe an experiment capable of observing the identical nature of two ions in a Coulomb crystal. By creating a rotational interferometer, one can coherently exchange two particles and observe their interference upon recombination.

We describe what this interference signature would be and how particle indistinguishability would affect it. We present experimental efforts towards realizing this exchange and reflect on our unexpectedly short rotational superposition coherence times. I track how my interlocutors continually used the concept at different scales, indexing broad cultural anxieties, while paradoxically marking specific bodies.

The ribosome has long been regarded as the protein producing center of the cell, yet we are still defining its role as a target of gene regulation in the cell. Towards this end, I developed a proteomics-based approach to uncover novel ribosome-associated proteins that regulate translation in the cell.

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These projects demonstrate that ribosome composition is neither static nor homogeneous but can be altered depending on the environmental and cellular context. This dissertation presents a three-part study in modern empirical development economics. In each part, I tackle an important economics issue that affects the developing world—agricultural risk, principle-agent problems in firms, and poor public service delivery.

I use randomized control trails RCT to uncover the causal impact of interventions designed to relieve constraints and improve outcomes for stakeholders. The first chapter evaluates a novel microfinance product that is designed to help small-holder farmers manage uninsured agricultural risk.

source link Microfinance clients were randomly given pre-approval to take a loan if they experienced flooding in their local area. I show that this unique type of microcredit improves household welfare through two channels: an ex-ante insurance effect, where households increase investment in risky production, and an ex-post effect, where households are better able to maintain consumption and asset levels after a shock. I also document that households value this product, taking costly action to preserve their guaranteed access. Importantly, the extension of this additional credit improves loan repayment rates and MFI profitability, suggesting that this product can be sustainably extended to households already connected to microcredit networks.

The second chapter examines the problem of moral hazard in employer—employee contracting and how this may be an important barrier to firm efficiency and growth in the developing world. To do so, we run an RCT with a fleet of minibuses. We randomize whether minibus owners have access to these monitoring data using a novel mobile app.

This information allows owners in the treatment group to observe a more precise signal of driver effort, the amount of revenue drivers collected in fares, and the extent to which the driver engages in reckless driving. We find that treated vehicle owners modify the terms of the contract by decreasing the rental price they demand.

Drivers respond by working more hours, decreasing behaviors that damage the vehicle, and under-reporting revenue by less. These changes improve firm profits and reduce management costs, thereby helping treated firms grow. Finally, we investigate whether these gains to the company come at the expense of passenger safety, in an environment where accidents are common.

Interdisciplinary Studies at USC

While we do not find any evidence that conditions deteriorate, offering detailed information on driving behavior also does not improve safety. Only by incentivizing drivers through an additional cash treatment do we detect safety improvements.