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Huang J. Garcia Lara J. Garcia Osma B. Penalva F. Giovanis E. Givoly D. Hayn C. Huijgen C. Lubberink M. Kaur A. Khan M. Kim S. Lee D. Yoo S. Kim Y. Pan C. Lee E. Wang K. Wang Q. Zhang X. Lee C. Lin J. Hwang M. Becker J. Nikolaev V. Penman S. Pratt J. Zhang G. Ruch G. Taylor G. Solomons D. Charles River Media, Cingolani, J. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems 61— GeoNetWeaver : Decision support tool which allows to design knowledge based systems with a fuzzy logic inference mechanism.

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Soto-Hidalgo, P. Martinez-Jimenez, J. Chamorro-Martinez, D. Febrl : Freely Extensible Biomedical Record Linkage includes a comprehensive graphical user interface based on PyGTK for facilitating the record linkage for users that have no experience in the Python programming language. Oliynyk, C. Bonifazzi, F. Montani, L. Fadiga , Automatic online spike sorting with singular value decomposition and fuzzy C-mean clustering. BMC neuroscience, 1— Belaoucha, D. Barthou, A. Eliche, S.

Fuzzy logic

Jurado, A. Molina, M. Redondo, M. Ortega, A. Giemza, L. Bollen, H. Journal of Universal Computer Science, — Jurado, M. Ortega , Using fuzzy logic applied to software metrics and test cases to assess programming assignments and give advice. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, — Watts, B.

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Woodford, N. Derrac, J. Fernandez, S. Colleoni, S. Calegari, D. Ciucci, M. In the following we provide some additional information for some of the languages included in the table above:. Fuzzy Control Language FCL : FCL is defined in part 7 of this norm IEC , offering common understanding of the basic means with which to integrate fuzzy control applications in control systemsand providing a common language with which to exchange portable fuzzy control programs among different platforms.

Unfortunately, this standard is not freely available and must be purchased see www. However, the Draft 1. Acampora, V.

Fuzzy control system - Wikipedia

Loia, C. Lee, M. Wang , On the power of Fuzzy Markup Language.

In Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing. Heidelberg, Berlin: Springer, Loia , Fuzzy control interoperability and scalability for adaptive domotic framework.

Fuzzy Logic for Refining the Evaluation of Learners’ Performance in Online Engineering Education

FuzzyClips : A fuzzy expert system designed to be used with Tcl. We have performed a bibliography compilation of journal papers on Fuzzy Systems Software from to present.

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It is maintained by J. If you would like to include or correct any of the references on this page , please contact the maintainer in their e-mail address: jalcala decsai. We focus our attention on four aspects which should guide further research directions in FSS: Interoperability, Novelty, Usability and Relevance.

Moreover, the software related to submitted papers must be hosted at the authors' website or at a public hosting, being accessible worldwide.

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In the following we maintain a list by lexicographical ordering with some of the most popular websites for fuzzy logic:. Fuzzy Logic Repository: This page contains software and materials concerning fuzzy logic and related topics. Togai InfraLogic: Company founded by Dr. Masaki Togai in as the world's first company dedicated to the application of fuzzy logic.

In the following we maintain a list with new related papers reviewing particular software types or important application domains:. Organizers: Jose M. Speakers: Jose M. Speaker: Jose M. Organizers: J. Guest Editors: J. Alonso , and O. This Web page was created and maintained by J. Fuzzy systems applications by subject areas - In the last few years, many software tools have been developed for fuzzy systems.

FSS Taxonomy We have proposed a two-level taxonomy with the aim of providing a well-established framework that allows us to jointly analyze the different proposals in this research field: Level 1: Purpose. This level is based on the purpose of the software, i.