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It will also be the bicentennial of the birth of abolitionist Frederick Douglass. What is the historical impact of Lincoln's relationships with Stephen Douglas and Frederick Douglass? Several American presidents, including ideological opposites George W. Bush and Barack Obama, have stated that they have either admired or sought inspiration from the life and times of Abraham Lincoln. What is it about Lincoln that appeals to a wide range of political leaders? What lessons from Lincoln's presidency might be useful to our new president?

Immigration is a controversial topic in American history, even more so in Citing examples from his writings, speeches, and policies, what was Abraham Lincoln's position on immigration? Did it evolve? Is it relevant to our contemporary debate?

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Schooling, University of California, Davis. The year marks the th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. How would the history of United States, particularly in regards to Reconstruction, have been different if Lincoln had lived to complete his second term. In the American Civil War became even more savage. Casualties rose and prisoner exchanges stopped. Should he have tried to mitigate it?

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Was this more brutal war and its hundreds of thousands of casualties and endless destruction justified in the effort to save the Union and destroy slavery—or was it not acceptable for any reason? Why do these events resonate so much with Americans today? What was it about either the battle or the speech that made them timeless?

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In light of the complicated path he pursued to reach this milestone, does Lincoln really deserve his reputation as the Great Emancipator? Compared to his Confederate opponent Jefferson Davis, Abraham Lincoln had a very limited military background.

How well did Lincoln adjust to becoming a war president during the trying first year of the war? Before his inauguration the following March, seven states seceded from the Union.

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  • Was secession a reasonable response? Could Lincoln have done more to discourage Southern secession?

    $5,908,356 Of Scholarship Money Added

    First Prize: Daniel J. Bornt, University of Illinois — Springfield. From his campaign announcement in Springfield, to his victory speech in Chicago, our new president has repeatedly made references to being inspired by Abraham Lincoln. Which other presidents have been inspired by the Great Emancipator? February 12, marks the th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln.

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